Command prompt closes automatically how resolve

Hi all

When running command prompt, they pop-up for few
seconds and closes automatically. How can I resolve this?

Please help.

Thanks in advance,
Pushpender Singh
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  1. You need to go to start|accessories|command prompt and open it and then
    run whatever you are trying to run.
    Running it from inside windows will cause it to flash on the off.
  2. hi. i tried running cmd.exe inside accessories but still it closes automatically.

    why such? any other way to resolve it?

    thanks and regards,
    john d
  3. Hmm... are you trying to open a batch file?
    Try Start>Run
    Type cmd
    Run your program from it, or while the cmd window is opened, also open your batch file separately. :hello:
  4. am also facing same problem
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