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I have set up a series of Word documents which are accessed via our Intranet. However on access the user is presented with a box and asked 'always ask before opening this type of file', is there any way that I can stop this happening or is there a simple sctipt I can get my users to run to prevent it happening.
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  1. What's the full message?
    It could be macro security settings, without the full message I'd just be guessing.
  2. message is ...
    Do you want to open or save this file....{file name} open save or cancel.

    This is presented in the normal Microsoft box with 3 tabs and a check box to always ask this message
  3. This is a file type setting in windows explorer > Folder Options > File Types

    What you need to do is untick confirm after open box for each and every file. This changes the settings in the HKEY_CLASSES ROOT hive, which is a link to HKLM/Software/Classes.

    Once you have your settings perfect, you can export the keys and values of your choice and write a script to import these keys at logon, thus reverting any changes made by the OS or user to the custom default settings of your choice. You could even write a custom ADM file and roll out via GPO - that would be a good way of ensure your custom default settings.

    This is one of themost annoying aspects of XP and IE/Outlook - both apps use this silly setting. Of course it is a security risk disabling this setting, but I trust you have enough security on your network to deal with this kind of threat. Anyhow, users will do what they choose and this setting doesn't restrict them from opening the file anyway.
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