Windows media applications not working

I got a problem and I am not sure what happened.

It seemed like it all started after I installed Adobe Premier Elements. But then again I got a new video card also. Went from a Sapphire HD4870 to a ASUS HD6870.

Since then Windows Media Player and Windows Live Movie Maker don't work.

Everything about the program is distorted. Even the text to click 'play' on this or stop is blurred.

I uninstalled Adobe and the issue still exists?

Any ideas?
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  1. Looks like they got corrupt, reinstall should fix it.
  2. If the problem started recent enough, you could try system restore.
  3. I did a reinstall of the catalyst drivers last night and it did help some but everything is not working the way it did with my hold HD4870. Video stutters. Does not look as clear. I am wondering if maybe the most recent catalyst driver has a bug in it.

    I am thinking about rolling back to an earlier version to see if that makes a difference.

    Or do a complete uninstall, reboot, then do a reinstall.
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