Need help! Cant install windows XP.

Hey all,

My wife has somehow managed to infect her computer to the brim with viruses. I have tried multiple programs (Avast, AVG, Malwarebytes, Superantispyware) to clean it up, but they keep popping up, so I figured I would just do a clean install. Well I have account with the Microsoft academic alliance so I downloaded the Iso for Win XP Pro. I burnt the img to a disc and started the process of reinstalling windows.

Its all is smooth until I get to a screen that has me pick the partition to install the new OS to. But for some reason C: is not showing up. Only F:. Now I am stuck as what to do. Why is my C drive not showing up so I can install the new OS? Any ideas?

Thanks a bunch for your help.
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  1. Go into your BIOS and check your SATA settings. It could be at AHCI Mode right now. Change that to another option - sometimes there are settings like IDE, Enhanced, Compatible, depending on your motherboard.

    Or alternatively, download the floppy driver for your controller from the manufacturer/motherboard website and press F6 during the initial screen to install the driver for your controller. This method only supports floppies though.

    The BIOS option is probably easiest. Cheers.
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