Fraps Randomly Stopping and Freezing Game

Hey everyone,

I have tried using Fraps on my system with Win7 32-bit and 64-bit. Ever since day one while using the *Full* version of Fraps, at random times during a recording it will stop recording, freeze up my game, and finally unfreeze in a few minutes. Also, when I try to access the external HDD after this freeze it takes a long time to load up. I am recording to an external WD MyBook 1TB USB drive and it has over 600GB of room free. It runs from my USB 3.0 slot currently.

FPS= 30
Full Size
Lock Framerate

Is this something due to my computer, a needed codec, or my external hard drive?

I've asked Beepa about this and when they finally respond back to me they basically say we have no clue what's going on.

Thanks for any ideas or support but I'm afraid it just that my external HDD is locking up at times.
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  1. I would try the following:

    Move the WD drive to a USB 2.0 port.
    Make sure the WD drive is defraged.
    Try running the game at the next lower resolution.
    As a last resort, disable your virus scanner while recording.
  2. I'm trying to see if the new Firmware update may help. The write speed should be around 400mb/s with it hooked up to the USB 3.0. It seems to be working better but I've only tried it with one game, RAGE. There's enough wrong with it as it is, lol.
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