Windows 8's secure boot

Any one else concerned about secure boot.
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  1. shafe88 said:
    Any one else concerned about secure boot.

    Not I. Users have the ability to disable UEFI secure boot, to install even older operating systems, including Linux, on their PC.
  2. No. I wouldn't buy a PC that allowed only secure boot. Simple.
  3. Just tried windows 8 beta 32bit, so far every thing is working except the all my games wont install :cry: and the metro UI is a bit of pain in the butt. In my opinion, the metro UI seems just like modified version of the media center interface designed for touch screen PC's. Hopefully in the finale version of windows 8. their will be two versions one with and one without the metro UI like XP had a version with media center and a version with out media center.
  4. Now that I know what Secure Boot will do, I don't want to upgrade at all. I have a build with dual boot, and M$ "secure boot" may ruin my dual boot setup.
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