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I'm looking forward to purchasing a new mouse and mousepad combo since my table reflects a lot of light and I believe that's one of the reasons my mouse jumps to the corner of the screen sometimes (or looks up in the sky when I'm playing a game).

Anyway, I'm looking for people that have had mid to high-end mouses that have great performance at an outstanding price. Now, I know that the Razers get great feedback here, but elsewhere, I've heard that they break within a couple months of usage.

BTW, THIS IS REAL IMPORTANT and I want you guys to try this:
- take your mouse and move it from one side of the screen to the other eXtremely fast and see if the movement is registered on screen
- make a fairly sized swipe of the mouse

This is important to me, because I tend to use very low sensitivity in First Person Shooters and to turn 180 degrees, i literally swing the mouse from one end of the table to the next, but most of my mouses have one problem: they don't register the movement. Instead, it'll just wiggle around as if I hadn't turned at all. In windows, the mouse will fly up to the top of the screen or wiggle back to the same side i swung my mouse which is RIDICULOUS. I believe this is called negative acceleration. If you guys can do this swipe successfully (mouse movements register), let me know what kind of mouse you have. Some say it's a matter of USB polling speed. If you guys know of a USB tweaker I could get to change it to 500mhz instead of the 125, let me know.

I'd also like to note that I'm looking to overclock my system and any help would be appreciated. Thanks! 8)
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  1. Try going to control panel->display->advanced-> troubleshooting and play with hardware acceleration. It helped me with the problem of the mouse skipping around the screen.
  2. can't have mouse accel on, because it gets hard to control recoil (especially with the AK in CS) and it's hard to adjust to fast movements by moving slower to compensate for the accel. I've actually tried the USB mouse polling rate. I've got it at 500hz and it's a little better. still got the stupid negative accel though.
  3. ive got the mx 5000 keyboard +mouse set for a fairly good price on amazon

    passed your test!! :)

    good luck

    (btw, how much r u willing to spend :o)
  4. G5
  5. Yeah the mx 5000 kicks ace! Any laser mouse will work well for gaming. As for a mousepad any decent one will do. Ratpadz have a perfect reputation and handle the trials of time, but in the end even a sheet of paper is adequate as a mousepad.
  6. I have a G5 and XTRAC RIPPER mouse pad i can't complain.

    also logitech CS was very nice... my g5 got a loud grindy sound on right mouse button after it was about 1 1/2 yrs old...Logitech CS sent me a new one (took like 4~ business days)
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