How to connect 2 PCs via switch?


I have a laptop and a desktop PC and I want that they can communicate with each other via a switch.
I plugged in the cables in switch and in computers, the network icon from the system tray looks like everything is fine.

Both systems are using Windows XP SP2.

I set these IP settings:
1) Laptop
the rest is blank

2) Desktop PC
the rest is blank

Other details:
- the desktop PC has an additional ethernet LAN card which is not used (I don't think is relevant)
- the laptop has set up a broadband connection PPPoE which I want to use later after I make the 2 computers to work with each other

What's wrong? the ping to or are not working, the firewall programs were suspended.
The switch is working, I can connect via the broadband connection to the internet through the switch and works.

I think there are dozens of similar questions but I couldn't find my case.

Thanks for your help!
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  1. do you see any problem? at least theoretically my settings and environment are ok?
  2. Your configuration seems correct. You can try opening the Device Manager on bith computers, removing the network cards and then restarting Windows. I have had the same problem before and this solved the problem.
    Busted cable can also cause problems. Also check Windows and 3rd party firewalls
  3. Hi, seems to this blog is 2 years ago but You should be put both computers on the same homegroup in order to share documents.
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