Is there a Utility for checking XP files after "repair Install"?


Had TDSS varient used Malware Bytes and spysweeper to kill it. Something corrupted in process and caused BSOD x07b error. Researched issue and eventually performed "repair install" with my DELL XP sp3 disk. Repair install was effective, but had some issues as about 40 different system files of the type .dl_ or .something_ were "not found". I could browse the cd's /i386 directory and find and select the individual file in question, but the utility simply would not copy them over, so I selected cancel/ignore and just moved on. At the end of the "repair install" the box rebooted and I have my windows back.

So, I have a working windows with all my data and programs intact and have 100+ XP hotfixes/updates, but I have a few interesting problems that I'd like to get fixed.

My question is: Is there a utulity I can run that will methodically go through my XP setup and system files to ensure that all files are in place and correct?


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  1. Stupid me.... thanks....
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