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I had a file that I could not open in order to read (CompositeLabProWindows). I hastily went to properties in change the file to a messenger file. The file that open and I was able to read the file how ever, an order for the file to work properly I should have been left alone and not tampered with. The men how many times I download the program is still opens up in Windows messenger. My problem is that I need to restore it back to the way it was prior, and remove that the fault mechanism that all some unknown files open up the messenger. How can I do this?
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  1. If you're in Windows XP, you should be able to hold the LEFT SHIFT button and then RIGHT CLICK on the icon. Keep holding left shift, and then click on "Open" in the context menu.

    You should then be given a dialog that lets you choose which program to use to open the file, and if you tick the "Always use this . . . " option, it should remember your choice.
  2. Thank You sorry for the poor grammer, and unclear information. It should have read like this:
    I had a file that I could not to read. I right clicked went to properties and change properties to open in/with messenger. The file opened however, it was later determined that the properties should have never been changed. Now each time I download the program is still opens up in Windows messenger. How can I stop my pc from reformatting the properties to messenger?
  3. Just do the same thing. Right click and go to properties. On the general tab, it says 'open with'. Click that button, and choose the program you want to open it with, and check the box that says 'always use this program'.
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