Video and game input to a PC

I am buying a new computer and a PS3 and I already have a good high quality monitor (without component in ports).

So I was really wondering if I can input component video into the computer and out to the monitor.

The same goes with audio input and out to the speakers.

(everything has to be done in realtime)

I was thinking a HD 2900XT and a X-Fi Fatal1ty FPS (with or without the I/O frontpanel).

Would all this work, or do I have to buy a HDTV for 2000 Euros?
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  1. if there isnt a component video to your monitor then you CANNOT somehow magically make it a component, i assume there is only a VGA and DVI-D out put if your PS3 suppports VGA(i think it would) then why not simply have the PC on DVI-D whilst the PS3 uses the VGA?

    and why would you spend 2k Euros on a friggin TV? you buying a 60inch Plasma or something sheesh!? just get a nice 32/26 inch LCD, i have a Xbox 360 and my High end PC with the Xbox 360 using HDTV componet cables and the PC using good ole' VGA to the Westinghouse 26' LCD i got from Bestbuy for 500 dollars....
  2. don't input anything to the computer(aside from sound).

    the delay for processing the video through a capture card would be painful at best.

    get a 1080p tv with multiple inputs

    i use the 37" and haven't had a problem with it.

    i'm not sure if a lcd monitor will have the drm required to use the ps3 at its full resolution with it.
  3. Ok so I kinda got to buy a TV then... or use the Dell monitor with component in. If I can get a monitor with component in would the sound card be able to playback the sound so it does not come to late compared to the picture?

    On a second note I dont live in the US so everything here is allot more expensive than you guys are used to.
  4. ps3 really should be used with DVI/HDMI at 1080P. I'd otherwise recommend a 360 with the VGA adaptor.

    What are the inputs on your monitor? VGA? DVI?
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