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So, now that ive done my best to help others, im having an issue. I recently moved, and when i did so, took very good care of my computer (especially the tower). When i set up the computer system after i moved everything in, i turned it on, hooked up the speakers (through USB port because something happened to my motherboard ports a long time ago) and, in the same settup configuration as before, started playing music. In the first 10-15 seconds i noticed a small stutter in the music. I moved the files from the external drive to the internal drive thinking, maybe something happened and the external isnt working properly. That didnt help. I reinstalled the drivers for the motherboard (full complete driver set, USB, Audio, BIOS, everything). And that didnt help. I have run scans with Ccleaner, Spyware Doctor, Lavasofts- Ad-Aware. and nothing. Fixed a couple of things in the registry with Ccleaner, but did not solve my issue. I ran a sfc/scannow, and it found no errors. I ran a chkdsk, and nothing. Im am royally stumped. What do you guys think my next step should be? (i will only resort to a reformat if that is my last and final option.)

Thanks for any ideas (even if they are only guesses, ill try anything short of downloading a file i dont trust)

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  1. If the system you moved is a tower and you are having problems after setting it up, be sure to check all the cables that plug into the MB as well as the hardware end connectors for solid connections. So, check all hardware connector cables for loose connection including SATA. Reseating the RAM and video card would be a good idea too if a new problem like you are having has appeared.
  2. oh, haha, the one thing i didnt list, was that after i discovered the issue, i reseated everything. Graphics card, HDD, RAM, Disc Drive (just for kicks) Power connectors... Basically unplugged and detached everything from Motherboard, and then re-attached it.
  3. Also recommend using a surge suppersor. You might even try plugging the system in on a different circuit (different room may do it) withing the house. I use a voltage regulator/surge suppressor like this on some of my systems. How are the usb speakers powered? Too bad other speakers can not be tried to see if the noise is still there.

  4. Well, im on an APC power supply regulated by the program installed on the computer, and its plugged into a surge protector (as it was before the move). I have tried 2 other speaker systems, and of the 3, they all stuttered every 10-15 seconds.

    The USB speakers are powered by the USB port itself (self powered off USB). And its working just as it should (to my knowledge). I un-installed the driver and reinstalled it (self installing driver)

    ...im tempted to just reformat the sucker and call it a day :p
  5. Perhaps try a different program to play the music. VLC, Media player classic come to mind. If using WMP, reinstallation of that program is possible. Also, if CCleaner is installed, in the cleaner interface under 'advanced' check the 'old prefetch data' box and run the cleaner. Clean out the old data files from Windows Prefetch folder and free up instructions to the system RAM. Stuttering sounds like a hardware problem, but hopefully some of these ideas may work.

    EDIT maybe run a data transfer rate and diagnostic check on the hard drive(s).

  6. didnt think about the prefetch. Yea, ive tried WMP, VLC, and Hulu (through Google Chrome). They are all having the same issue. Ill try reseating a couple of the components when i get home just in case.
  7. Sounds like a 'data transfer issue' within the system BUS. I hate it when that happens. Maybe run memtest. Not sure how any of this could occur by moving the system. Bew interesting to see if the stuttering goes away with a reformat and fresh install of the Vista.
  8. hmmm, i dont see the "Old Prefetch Data" box... I looked under options-->advanced...
  9. It's on the cleaner tab under advanced. The first box available under Advanced (at the bottom of the page already opened) on the cleaner tab page. Interesting, I was researching a way to clean out the windows prefetch folder and downloaded a software to do that. Then I noticed CCleaner had the function available.

    I actually installed this on my system and later that day discovered CCleaner has the function to clean the windows prefetch folder.

  10. lazyperson17 said:
    hmmm, i dont see the "Old Prefetch Data" box... I looked under options-->advanced...

    No need to open options. Open CCleaner and 'advanced' is on the left near the bottom on the left side oif the page. First box under advanced.
  11. yea, i realized that about 20 seconds after i posted that... :). Anyway, i will reseat everything again, and go for it (and hope). If that doesnt work, would you recommend me reformatting? I have no real issue reformatting because all of my data is on other drives.
  12. It would be interesting to see if a fresh installation is the fix. On the otherhand, if the system is a little older hardware like the power suply, hard drive, RAM even the CPU may have seen their best days. But the system only stutters when playing music? Recently I had a system begine to run slower than usual. The hard drive failed soon therefter. RAM problems could be the beginning of system stuttering and lead to system failure. If you happen to have a store nearby that sells cheap sound cards, perhaps try one. I have a $10 pci sound card laying around that works fine. Be sure and post back should a fresh install fix the problem.
  13. Well the computer parts are within 1 year old, and its not just Music, i should say "any sounds" (my mistake). I just notice it when it plays music, but if i listen closely, it happens when watching/listening to any type of media. Ill try the fresh install when i get home. Thanks for the help badge :)
  14. Well, After reinstalling the OS, the problem seems to be fixed... I have NO clue as to what was the problem, but apparently a fresh install was the only solution. Just wanted to give you the results :)
  15. That is great your music is back...and with a 'simple' fresh install of the OS. I say simple because I just finished tearing down one of my machines and RMAing the processor to Intel this morning. MB to ASUS tomorrow. Mine wouldnt play music either ;)
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