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Opening pdf's locksup computer

when opening a pdf attachment from outlook 2003 the computer locks up. we are using reader 10 fully updated.

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  1. Can you open other PDFs? Do you trust the source of the PDF? Sometimes infected PDFs will crash Acrobat when they try to infect your PC.

    Otherwise, try downloading it to your PC first, then open it.
  2. I can open all pdf's locally saved. I've tried multiple ones in outlook but they all lockup if not saved first.
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    OK, this is a somewhat well known issue between Outlook/Internet Explorer and Acrobat. Microsoft will blame Adobe, and vice versa.

    You might solve this issue by using an alternative free PDF reader such as Foxit Reader or eXPert PDF Reader.
  4. Yes, try using Foxit. It's much less resource intesive, and has some nice options for being a free version.
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