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Does anyone know where I can buy this combo cable? The cable I have now is hd audio only. I want remove it and solder the combo cable in it's place!
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  1. Cable for what? Your title states HD audio cable, which is just a regular cable. The HD part is for drivers. And your post states you have an HD audio cable.

    What is this combo cable you are looking for? Sound like you started this post somewhere in the middle/end of the question.
  2. OK....clarity. I looking for a front panel audio cable that has both the ac97 connection and the hd connection for the motherboard. The case being used only has the hd connector. The drivers for hd audio on an intel d875pbz board have been problematic at best. It would be great to have the ac97 option.
  3. I may be confused a bit, but as far as I know, there are no cables specific to the audio type, those are just codecs and processing, the audio goes out to the same cable.

    There is a digital audio cable that you can hook up to a CD/DVD drive and such, are you talking about that? Or the headers for the motherboard to the case?

    You may be better off just getting a sound card if you have issues with audio on the motherboard.
  4. OK....maybe I've explained it all wrong, so let me try again. I'm sure you and many others have bought new computer cases with front panel audio connections, (ear/headphones and microphone). For instance, the Antec 300 case has an audio cable with 2 connectors, (AC97 and HD Audio). The AC97 connector is spliced/wired into the HD Audio connector which allows the option to use one or the other audio format. I'm looking for such a cable. I'm trying to avoid having switch out the whole front panel assembly.

    The audio cable in the case being used only has the HD Audio connector. There is no spliced AC97 connector. A soundcard is being used without issue.

    I know I can buy ear/headphones and microphone extension cables to run from the back of the computer. I want to avoid that as well.
  5. Take a look at this thread

    Also from the wiki specs, the difference is not in the cable but in the jack connections, about the middle of the page.
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