Will the OEM Windows license I previously bought transfer?

I have searched around for an answer for my specific problem, but have yet to find an answer...
I have an old home built desktop with a copy of windows xp OEM that I purchased separately, as the OEM license did not come with a pre-built computer with specific motherboard specs. etc.

Is it possible to transfer this OEM key to my new desktop build?

I read many other answers that stated that pr- built pc's with OEM keys wont install on other systems because it checks for the specific system specs. the pre-built PC originally possessed. Unfortunately, this is not my situation.

I am trying to figure this out soon as a 30 dollar Windows 7 Upgrade is available for students and I plan to run that on the new build.

I would be very happy if I didn't have to go and purchase a new Windows license!

Thank You.
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  1. According to the Microsoft EULA, you can only transfer an OEM copy of Windows XP if the motherboard dies.
  2. And yet they tell you how in a different way.
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