No Desktop Icons No Task Bar Only Wallpaper

I am using windows xp. I have no anti virus so i downloaded a free trial of quick heal anti virus. When i used it, it asked me to click OK to perform boot scan (it did not ask for any boot cd or blank cd nor i had any such cd). After pressing OK i restarted the computer and then boot scan started. It repaired files infected with virus W32.Mazebat.b and deleted files infected with a trojan and deleted files which were infected with virus W32.mazebat.Dr All these files were mainly .exe files.

It took almost 30 minutes to complete the scan. After the scan was completed windows started as usual but there were no desktop icons, no task bar, nothing but only my existing wallpaper and mouse arrow which i could move anywhere on the screen.

I cannot do right click. Clt+Alt+Del is also not working. There is no error message is shown.

I was able to start windows in Safe Mode among other options by pressing f8. But it was started with a BLACK screen with safe mode written in all for corners and again only the mouse arrow is visible which i can move.

I also tried PREVIOUS GOOD SEETING THAT WORKED but nothing happened.

I do not know how to use Safe Mode With Command Prompt. I do not know how to use other options which came when i pressed f8.

Please do something i do not want to loose my precious data.
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  1. What happens if you hit:

    Ctrl + Shift + Esc?

    If you get task manager, click on new task then type into the box:


    and hit enter.

    Does your desktop come back now?
  2. ^ +1

    If you can get explorer.exe running, download Avira. It's a very good free AV, and it won't kill your PC.
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