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I used Process Monitor to monitor system operation and because I have been having problems with Firefox using too many CPU cycles and memory I was going through and killing processes that I did not need. This is a new app for me. At one point when killing a process, I received an advice notice asking for confirmation. I am familiar with these kinds of notices appearing in Task Manager so I didn't pay much attention.

I'm not sure killing processes caused my inititial crash or not, but now when trying to boot I cannot get to the login screen, as soon as windows starts to load it crashes.

I have tried Safe Mode and Last Known Good Configuration. Neither works to solve the problem. I have a drive recovery utility from Iolo System Mechanic which ran two drive checks without reporting problems. I don't think the CPU is overheating because it took some time for the drive recovery checks to complete.

Apparently someting in Windows got corrupted, but I am not sure how to fix it. Any help is appreciated. I live in Mexico and that complicates getting the machine repaired, although I have had an HP dealer here in town fix this computer in the past when the MOBO failed.
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  1. You need to hit F8 when Windows is booting and disable automatic restarts. You should be able to then see the error causing Windows to reboot.
  2. Just tried and I get the same results. As soon as the Windows splash screen appears a few seconds transpire and computer crashes.
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