Going back to college, need help with a new machine.

Here's my current plan:

Processor: Q6600. ??? Classes start Aug 22nd, so I'd like to have it a week or two before then, what do you think the retail prices will be around the beginning of August?

Mobo: GA-P35C-DS3R $160

HD: Seagate Barracuda 320 $80

Memory: 4 GB Crucial, $140

Video Card: 8800GTS 320 MB $260

Going back to college so money will be tight for the next 4-5 years(hoping to finish my master's). Would like to get a system now so I can be as upgrade free as possible. Assuming $280??? for the processor my current setup is $920. I'd like to finish off the machine(assuming this looks like a solid build) in as cost effective a way as possible. The look of the case is not a priority and I'm unsure on what OS to go for(I assume as a student I'll be able to get them relatively cheap?). Any suggestions appreciated on case, OS, PS, DVD, cpu heatsink/fan, etc. If I can find the 8800GTS 640MB for sale I may go for it as well. Basically my plan for the moment is to go ahead and buy the crucial memory since the rebate expires on the 5th and then look for deals over the next four or five weeks for all the other stuff.

Appreciate any and all input. Thanks.

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  1. dont know if you already did it but...3. Limit one rebate per eligible Crucial Ballistix memory kit per household

    maybe you are making 2 seperate orders and asking a relative of friend to send it in for you? if not, read the small print and you may have to pay about 190$

    69.99 + 114.99 +tax?

    (I assume as a student I'll be able to get them relatively cheap?).

    my bro's and sis's college have OS windows XP, 95, 200, VISTA, ect for free through a college download program for the students...maybe your will

    EDIT: do you have a PSU, Freezer, Monitor, Case? r u looking for suggestions.

    also, if you are going to college, and dont want to have a FLASHY computer ( theft-prone, damages, ect) than you should check out Club-its 4th sale, i saw a comp case flor like 9.99 w/o all the gadgets and whistles...also has a PSU (dont use.)

    good luck!
  2. I have a relative who I had the second memory kit sent to. That's a good idea about the case, if someone could point out a bargain one that would fit the bill that would be great. Basically there's lots of information I've found about the stuff that is good but not so much about the cheaper things I can use to fill out the machine without my expensive components overheating or being underused. The core of the machine I think I have figured out, but I have no idea what to look for in a bargain power supply, cpu fan/heatsink, etc. This machine is completely new from scratch, as I've promised my old one to a relative. I also am having a hard time deciding what to do as far as an OS. With 4 gigs of RAM I think I read you have to have a 64 bit OS right? And if you're going 64 bit you should go Vista? But I've heard there are still major kinks in Vista, so I really don't know.
  3. If you dont plan to do any overclocking you can keep the stock heatsink, otherwise you would probably need one of these Tuniq Tower 120, because the Q6600 will put off so much heat when overclocked.
  4. I tried to post this in the OS section but it won't let me for some reason. Anyway I thought this looked like a good deal:

    Since I'm going 4 Gigs of memory and a Q6600 I should get the 64 bit version right? I'm not sure I understand how to go about doing that. The only 64 bit version for sale anywhere seems to be the Ultimate package. I don't need that. If I read correctly I can purchase the OEM Vista Basic package and then have them send me the 64 bit version DVD free of charge right? I followed this link:

    It seems to indicate that I can get a 64 bit version of Home Basic, but it says order and asks for a credit card, and I could not go through the process to the point where it shows a total without the information from the Vista basic package that I'm not sure if I should order. Basically I need someone to tell me whether by buying the OS linked initially I can get the 64 bit edition, and if not what I am missing. Thanks.
  5. Above post is me, I created the second account to try and post on the OS forum, no luck. It gives me an invalid cookie error whenever I try to login and post there.
  6. just get this one and you will know for sure its 64 bit
    hope that helps
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