Ispiron 1521 vista laptop screen goes black while running

My Laptop screen goes black while working. I tried to shut down the computer. But still it was running and did not shut down after pressing the power button. I closed the lid still it was running and the temperature of the computer raised for a long time. I don't know what's wrong. I had to switch of the power then I had to start it again. But there is another problem. The computer won't boot up again. I turned the switch on and off again and again till it boots up or something comes up on the screen. Is there anyone else who knows what's wrong with my laptop?
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  1. sounds like the backlight to the display is dead.
    If its still under warranty, then no worries, just back up your data and send it in for repair.
  2. The warranty of this laptop is over! I had reinstalled the operating system. All problems were gone. Then after a few weeks it came back again! I think it is because of the memory problems, when it reaches a certain level of memory in the hard disk may be!if the back light is completely dead why it turns on again when I boot up the computer? before reinstalling everything I had a problem of start up. The screen went black and it took 20 minutes to come to the desktop. I had researched and found out it was one of the problem in the services that loads up after I log in. I could not find the answer so I re-installed. Now that problem is gone but this is different. I don't it relates to some hardware problem! Is this website related only to the hardware problem as the name suggests?
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