Budget case reommendations

Ok buildng a PC for my brother, He's got a budget of $500Aud max,
I've gone with an Asus M2n, 2 gig ram, AMDX2 3600+, a 7900gs or an x1950pro and a Coolermaster extreme 550w

That leaves him about $100-130Aud, but I'd like to not use all of that, so I can upgrade the stock HSF to a CM HYper tx and the VGA HSF to a Zalman VF700, he's more of a gamer than I am

I'm thnking
Coolermaster Elite 331 $50Aud
Asus TA9 $70

Or should I just buy the cheapest no name case available? like this?
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  1. Cheap is OK for a case as long as the airflow is good. Make sure it has a space for 12 cm intake and exhaust fans.
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