Can't boot or go into safe mode

Whenever I try to boot into xp, one of two things happens.
I try to boot into normal mode or last known good config, and it goes to the login screen, I click on my account, it shows just the desktop, no icons, just the wallpaper, and then goes back to the login screen.
This repeats everytime I click on my account login.

When I try to boot it into safe mode, it flashes something about realtek boot and asks me to hit shift and some other variety of keys but then it disappears as soon as I have a chance to fully read it, it just loops back to the mode select screen, I don't even get to the login screen.

What should I do?
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  1. Have you installed programs or software recently? Normally you would uninstall them in safe mode but if safe mode dosent work, you may need to reinstall windows.
    Have you tried logging on a different user. Does it work with the other user. If it does, use it to uninstall recent software.

  2. Try this, I read in another thread.

    Open "System Recovery Options" on the repair disk, or OS disk. Open up the Command Prompt. Try typing the following commands in order:

    1- bootrec /fixmbr and hit enter
    2- bootrec /fixboot and hit enter
    3- bootrec /rebuildbdc and hit enter

    Reboot the PC and try to boot again.
  3. Do you have an OS disc? If yes, boot off your OS disc, select your volume, and use the R option to repair your install.
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