Restoring a compuer back to factory settings

dear sir /madam
i have a acer computer i think it has a virius or mite be a trojan it wont let me do anything untill i sign up to wot they say is to keep the site free from spam mail could you help please
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  1. Hi James_43 - Check out these tips for removing viruses from Windows Vista -

    If you have the original Vista installation disk, you can reinstall Vista, but it is always best to try to remove the virus(es) first. To reinstall, just pop in the Vista disk and follow the instructions given.

    Hope this helps!

    Microsoft Windows Outreach
  2. Do you have Acer eRecovery on your Acer machine if so you can do a full restore with it. Copy all the files you want to keep but remember to a virus scan on them.
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