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I need help setting up a wired LAN for 2-4 comps. I plan on playing games with up to four comps on the same network but have no idea where to start. I want to do a plan party kinda thing because where i am there is no broadband internet :cry: (except Sat but you cant play FPS on that) so im stuck with trying LAN.
Like I said all i have is dial-up here so i don't own a router or a switch or whatever is needed to accomplish a LAN setup. I can build a comp but i have Zero experience with networking so if someone could give me a step by step how-to like he was talking to a monkey(that speaks English) that would be immensely helpful. Thank you.
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  1. A simple quick explanation is good too if any would like to help.
  2. buy switch. connect all pcs to switch. set ip's for each comp as 192.168.1.x (x being any number between 1 and 254), subnet mask=, no default gateway or dns info needed.
  3. Sweet thanks!
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