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The software that comes with the scanner is horrible every time I scan a slide it shuts down the hp scan program & I have to start it up everytime I scan a slide. Windows XP Professional. I also have a HP Printer I tried uninstalling everything related to Hp & deleted the program files related to HP that still didn't help. My director program doesn't work either.
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  1. Thanks You Nikorr that was an awesome program Head Over Heels better than my HP garbage that they put out with there own equipment. I can do 30 slides in the amount of time that I used to do 10 Thank You Very much for the great post that you gave me!!
  2. Hey Baszman, I am a photographer, I use this program for a long time. It is the best tool I tried and it is bugs free, for me.

    Really great support of the printer/scanner combos.
  3. Thanks Again Nikorr your the man!!
  4. Glad to help!
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