PSU Hookup Questions

I own the following power supply:

Antec Trio TP3-430

and the following motherboard:

Foxconn P35A

I have everything hooked up, but I noticed that the motherboard has a 4-pin 'AUX Power Connector:PWR3' (just above the PCIx16 slot) and an 8-pin 'ATX_12V Power Connector:PWR2' (to the top left of the CPU). Can anyone tell me what these power connections are for? Thanks in advance!
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  1. I'm assuming that the manual came with the mobo. Read the book.

    I pulled this from the manual for you.

    Exclusive Graphics power Connector: PWR3
    This connector is an auxiliary power for graphics
    card.Exclusive power for graphics card is for
    beter graphics performance and future upgrade

    8-pin ATX_12 V Power Connector: PWR2
    The 8-pin ATX 12V power supply connects to
    PWR2 and provides power to the CPU.

    Edit: the Antec only has a 4pin connector. it needs to be connected to pins 1,2,5,6. Check the manual for a drawing.
  2. hey zorg, your sig is great, only a true idiot could make a mistake like that...
  3. I wouldn't normally do that, but I couldn't help myself. It was priceless. I don't mind people bitching that much, but at least be in the ballpark.
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