USB Printer detection and "Port"

i have a printer which is using USB port to connect to PC, previously have working fine, but now when i print it having error message - error printing
i have trial to reinstall printer driver, change new usb cable, after change cable i found that it wont auto detect the printer port(usb), normally when we plugin it will show installing usb Generic IEEE1284.4 printing support, but now it wont, i think this is the root cause make me printing error, does any one face this problem before? kindly advice, i need the solution urgently
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  1. Download the printers drivers and software from the manufacturers and install those.
  2. already trial before, but now is working already, i have trial reinstall printer driver, it just can't recognize IEEE1284.4 port, so i trial on other pc and install printer have no issue, after that i set back to the original PC/port, it working fine, i really have no idea what is going on, but as long as it work then i no more comment
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