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Recommended programming language to build a simple network tool


I am interested in building a simple application that uses DOS command-like such as PING, TRACERT, etc. Possibly including IP range scan and similar networking utilities.

I wrote a DOS script that allow me to do those basic functions, but I would like to make a GUI-based tool. There are many free and commercial tools out there that I could use, but I want to make something custom myself, just for the fun of doing it.

What programming language would you suggest to use and why? (I am willing to lean it from scratch)

Thanks in advance
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    What OSs are you targeting?
    What are your long-term programing desires?

    If you are going to replicate the functions of ping and tracert then it is easiest to access low level network from C/C++. You will also have the advantage of accessing full source code for these utilities from various sources.

    You could also do it from .NET on Windows, which might be harder for the networking but easier for the GUI.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I work mainly on Windows, I am looking to make simple GUI tools that help me with everyday tasks.
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