Please help me value these "old" items

I'd be very thankful if you could help me put a Today's Fair Price on the following items from my old computer

1. (RAM) 2x1Gb DDR2-800 Adata Vitesta Extreme (m2oad9g3i470ine58)
Both sticks work well, no problems =)
no packaging preserved unfortunately

3. (CPU) INTEL CORE 2 DUO E6600 6600 SL9S8 MALAY 2.40GHZ / 4M / 1066 / 06 SOCKET 775
Working well
no package

2. (PSU) FSP Fortron/Source Epsilon 700W ATX 2.2 (ppa7000124)
Has some vierd fluctuations regardles of positive multmeter testing results
package preserved

4. (MBD) Asus Striker (90MBB5X0G0EAY00Z)
One broken socket pin, strage anomalies with boot and post.
Package with all it's features

5. (GPU) NX8800GTX-T2D768E-HD-OC (NX8800GTX-T2D768E-HD-OC)
Not working: Motherboard beep missing gpu.
Has a packaging though =P

I'm aware here are some decent items like ram and cpu, but do the broken ones have any value or I can only throw them away?

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  1. ram - about $35 new, you would be lucky to get $5-10
    cpu - about $85 new, you would be lucky to get $30-35
    psu - about $40 new, honestly probably not worth the risk to buy though.
    mb - not worth selling.
    gpu - not worth selling.

    pc hardware drops half its value about every 6 months. technology that is only just a few years old is worth almost nothing now. i would say that if you can find a buyer locally who offers $35 for the cpu and ram i would take it.

    now to be realistic... you might only get $15-20 for them due to the fact that it is a complete gamble to buy them without knowing they work.

    now if you had a pc that worked and people could see it start up you could sell things for a little more.

    honestly probably not worth the effort to sell unless you know someone looking for cheap parts.
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