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Can any1 out there gimme some insights on how can i get my asus p5n-e sli mobo to work with the nvidia ntune soft? i have tried updating the bios, downloading the latest ntune and drivers and by the way im using vista enterprise, so is it a known issue with vista?
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  1. not all nVidia chipset mobos fully support nTune (the BIOS has to have some hooks) & the P5N-E SLI doesn't - it doesn't work on mine on XP so it isn't an OS issue.
    There are other (better) utilities available though.
  2. Use Rivatuner. Works on Vista x32.
  3. Is there any other utilities that tunes both mobo n gpu?
  4. DON'T use ntunes auto-overclocking features, it is just plain garbage. "Tune" it yourself ;)
  5. This is a good article for you to read:

  6. Quote:
    Use Rivatuner. Works on Vista x32.

    except that I get the feeling that he wants it for tweaking the mobo rather than the gfx card.

    But BIOS is best.
  7. nTune claims to be compatible with Vista, but I don't think it really is. I have a dual boot system with XP and Vista Ultimate on an Acer system with an nvidia chipset. I've have no problem overclocking it with XP. However, with Vista the program locks up and has a lot of problems. Maybe with future updates to nTune it will work with Vista, but for now I don't think it really does.
  8. From my experience, don't even try to use NTune. When I click on it, I get a hard lock up, requiring me to do a manual restart of the computer. I went to Nvidia and found a notice that the 8800 series cards don't fully support AMD K7 and K8 CPUs, and I use an AMD CPU. There are several other known issues as well. You can check the Nvidia site under
    "Forceware Graphics Drivers Release 162 Notes" for specifics.

    I did find that I can use RivaTuner and it works well.
  9. thanks guys... :D :wink:
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