A virus is stopping me from getting wifi

hello i cannot get single wifi signal though everyone else in the house can. i have updated my drivers by uninstalling and reinstalling and havedone other metoids to fix my PC. but though my efforts and efforts of others i still can get wifi. the card is fine and good because i did get wifi for like 5 mins then its gets lost i do not know what to do... i really need to get my PC to work b4 christmas... could anyone help me? there is one more thing that happens some times my pc blue screens on load up and sometimes it just plain freezes on load up and other times it just freezes when im running itunes...

Also do not request me to reformat unless you wana send me a CD too do that >.>
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  1. Hi,

    I'm thinking might be your wireless card. How old is it? What make is it? Is your computer out of range?

  2. Hi,

    I have also run in to this problem recently, except the itunes issue, the problem is identical. My laptop would not connect to the net, no matter what we tried. Today I picked up an emachine, and just 2mins ago, the same thing happened.

    The only thing we had in common was an external drive we were pulling files from. The external came from a Vista laptop (which also died, we assumed from the hdd though), but also had connectivity issues.

    We're banking on this being a virus.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  3. We did a system restore and everything is fine. On both laptops.

    The Vista machine we can't get to boot, so we weren't able to restore it.
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