Nvidia software slowed internet speed!

I'm running 30Mb broadband on my brand new laptop, and it had been running fine until this weekend. I had no idea what the problem was, my housemates' internet was fine (even checked my friend's Mac and it was getting 22Mbps on Speedtest.net) while I was getting anywhere between 1-5Mbps and a wildly varying ping to the router. Aside from the obvious "fixes" I changed router and network card settings, cleaned the registry, had a look at the services.

I was running out of ideas when I thought I'd close the Nvidia Control Panel in the system tray... Suddenly I was getting 20-30Mbps. Ping to my router went from a range of 30-2000ms to 1-5ms.

I restarted the program and applied my overclock again, the internet's still fine but the Nvidia icon is no longer in the system tray. Is it the update service perhaps? I'm utterly confused how this has been affecting my internet so bad!
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  1. Internet speed fluctuates on its own, ISP regulates the speed as needed. If u have a DSL it depends on usage in your the neighborhood or if someone in your home is using the net as well.

    If u check your speed 10x in 1HR, it will not be the same.

    But drop to 5MB is probably service related or your wireless adapter is getting faulty or u can have a virus or other pest...

    Go to here and run #1 and #2 to be sure its not a virus
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