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I'm not one to normally post negative feedback but I feel that folks need to be very aware of the shipping policies that NewEgg has with UPS.

I recently purchased a CPU and mainboard from NewEgg, it was shipped via UPS and left on my door step and flagged as delivered. My wife was home, not a knock on the door or any indication that they'd been there except for the email that I received that it had been delivered. I asked my wife to go outside and check the package and she couldn't find it.

I contacted NewEgg and put in a claim and found out that their policy is to NOT require a signature on deliveries of ANY product that they sell. It's left to the drivers discretion to require one. Granted, it was a cpu and mainboard, but it could have just as easily been a much more expensive shipment. I just thought folks should be aware of this. To obtain a signature, their standard response is to contact the shipper (UPS) to require one. Contacting UPS will get you a response of "The shipper has the option to request a signature for delivery" and that's pretty much all they'll tell me. Just thought that folks should be aware of that. There's a possibility that I will be out the money of the shipment as it was flagged as delivered and no signature was required.
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  1. Well Newcomer be glad your product was delivered on time. I live in the USA and I ordered something "2 day Air" on Wednseday (supposedly after business hours) I paid for "Rush Service" and am to receive it on Monday, 5 days later. If I was told it was going to take 5 days I would have did an overnight ship. (I was trying to save a little $$$. ) When I called and asked why I paid for Rush Service and 2 day air, I got a "it's 2 business day"s sir" I said "your missing my point, I paid for 2 day delivery and am getting it in 5, why did I pay for 2 day air when you can't deliver?" She said "Oh I agree with you sir, but it's 2 buisiness days" Long story short, I paid for quick delivery and New Egg can't deliver it. I wanted to build my new computer over the weekend and now I cant because of the delay. I asked for a shipping refund and got none. My satisfaction rate with NewEgg at this point is pretty close to Zero. I wonder if Tiger Direct is any better...
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