Best gamepad for pc?

I'm thinking of buying a gamepad to play Dirt and Gtr2.

I'm looking for two gamepads:

Logitech chillstream around 50usd

xbox360 plus wireless adapter around 100usd

I live in asia so the microsoft gamepad is more expensive than in the US.
I tried the xbox360 gamepad on a friends pc, it has a ok feel but didn't impress me that much, but i never tried the chillstream!!!

So which one should i choose?
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  1. I wouldn't buy the chillstream because it has many issues with older games so u cant program some keys and force feedback.

    The xbox controller is probably even worse (dunno just guessing)

    I have the log. rumblepad 2 wireless and i think its the best controller for pc :wink:
  2. Thrustmaster Wireless Dual Trigger... two trigger, imersion. nice to play PES also. The older ones like dual power 2/4 are the best but they dont sell it anymore.
  3. I second the logitech cordless rumblepad 2. Its perfect.
  4. Best gamepad for driving...

    Xbox 1 controller.

    The orig controller, not that pissy little thing for japanese hands :P


    Its ALL about the triggers. U get fantastic brake and throttle control.
    There are also enuf buttons to do everything without being too complicated, and i havent found a game yet that wont reciognise it.

    I use mine for: Test drive, F1, GTR2, Race:WTCC
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