pentium 4 or celeron

which is better for gaming?
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  1. The P4 is generally better for gaming, unless your pitting a high end Celeron against a low end/early P4. Either way, don't bother buying any of these chips, get a C2D.
  2. yes i know a C2D is way better. well i forgot to say i have a mobo that accepts pentium 4 or celeron and i currently have celeron.

    i thought it would be pentium. so my question is i guess;

    what the highest pentuim 4 processor can my mobo support?

  3. If you use this website run by Asus, and plug in your motherboard, you'll see that the fastest CPU that you can run is the 672. (if you can find it, I'm sure it will cost way to much...) Many of these CPUs require either the 1007, 1013, or the 1016 bios, so you might need to update that. The bad news is that no C2Ds are on that list. The good news is that nearly all P4s are, if your bios is new enough.
  4. couple of things:

    the website doesnt work '' this website''
    what is 672?

    yes i seen many bios, which one do i choose????????????? never done flash bios cause im too scared of it.
  5. Quote:
    which is better for gaming?

    None of them;
    Just keep in mind that in average, for the same clock rate, a celeron/CeleronD performs ~25% lower than a P4, so with a 3.0GHz Celeron, you have more or less a 2.3GHz P4 performance while, still very roughly mathematically, a 3.0GHz P4 can match a 3.8GHz CeleronD.
    I would advice you to get a 65nm P4 because it runs cooler. The Asus VM series does not provide any overclocking features, however, if your bios options allow you to chose between FSB 533 and 800 MHz, you could safely overclock a FSB533 CeleronD or P4.
    Pentium4s look a bit pricy but newer CeleronDs on 65nm process and with 512K of L2 are pretty interesting. If you can crank the 533 MHz FSB of a celeronD to 800MHz in the bios (try with your current celeron too), The Celeron D 347 :
    looks very appealing because on a 800MHz FSB, it runs @ 4.6GHz and while the L2 of 512K ensures a much better performance than previous, 256K CeleronDs, the 65nm process ensures much lower temperatures and and better stability.
  6. thank you very much m25, great help.

    to be honest im not looking to overclock so what would be the best 65nm P4 to get and is supported by the motherboard?

    is there a list of supported cpu's for this mobo i can view for myself too?

    clearly ill got for P4.

    edit: i assume Pentium 4 HT Hyper Threading and Pentium 4 HT Extreme Edition are not supported. only pentium 4 right?

    thank you
  7. I'd rather go with the CeleronD 374 I mentioned before if it can make 4.6GHz because a well-performing P4 for your board will cost you twice as much as the CeleronD and perform even worse than the 4.6Ghz 347. In this case, you're only overclocking the CPU and nothing else, so why worry about it if the chip will make it to 4.6GHz; You can even try with your actual CeleronD,... if it is clocked around 2.53 and 2.66GHz, you have good chances of squeezing a good 3.8-4.0GHz frequency out of it and with a $15-20 cooler like the AF7PRO, you're putting no stress on the CPU at all. Celerons are known for these kind of overclocks. I used to have an old FSB533, 2.0GHz Celeron on a board that supported FSB 400 and 533; moved the jumper from <auto> to <533> and I had a 2.66Ghz celeron, perfectly stable, stock cooler that served me for a good while before I sold it.
    Then,.. why buy a $100+ P4 when you can grab a X2 3600+/motherboard combo at newegg for early the same price?! Spare that money for your next build because a P4 has always been a not-so-good choice; now it's a terrible one to waste money on that chip.
  8. ok first ill overclock my celeron d and see how far i go. before i do that i want to hear your advice about how much to raise the FSB (how to oc in general). im not terrible at computer so ill give it a go. plus you say celeron good for oc so why not, hehe. ok if i buy cpu, ill get CeleronD 374. wow 4.6 ghs sounds lethal.


    above will tell you my cpu current specs so you can hopefully advice how much i should raise with current stock cooler.

    thank you m25, your really great
  9. I wonder how long your hardware will last at that speed. Change your motherboard and get the C2D. I reckon a C2D will smoke any celeron...
  10. ill smoke you. kiddin.

    dude, i know c2d is the don but i cant be bothered to buy a new computer.

    i just wanna see if upgrade is worth it, like say if i spend 100- 200 pounds on a nice worth while cpu, memory and graphics.

    i think the graphics will be a 7600GT, i already figured it from tomshardware and thank you for that.

    so far, cpu will be eitier just oc the 3.0ghz celeron that i have or even get the celeron D 374

    for memory, well i think im now 1g, so i guess maybe up to 2ghz.

    please help me with the cpu oc for now m25. step by step
  11. Hmmmm, try using the search box in the upper left hand corner. Put your motherboard model number in and see if that works. (the 672 is a P4 that runs on a 800MHz effective FSB, has a 3.8GHz clock speed, and has 2X1MB of L2 cache.)

    As for which bios, if you have to update it, always get the newest one. Updating a bios can be risky, and should be done only when needed. Ergo, always get the newest one so that you don't have to do it again if you find out later on that you need the 1016 instead of the 1012...
  12. What about the celeronL based on the c2d architecture vs a p4, say specifically a 2.8e? Just curious.
  13. I thought about those, and the 800MHz C2Ds. None of these chips were listed on Asus's website as being compatible with that motherboard. We need to remember that there is more to chip compatibility then FSB. For instance, If the motherboard can only provide 1.6V to the chip, and the C2Ds can take 1.3-1.45V max, then you'll fry the C2D, while the P4s would be fine.
  14. buy a new mobo
  15. Quote:
    I thought about those, and the 800MHz C2Ds. None of these chips were listed on Asus's website as being compatible with that motherboard. We need to remember that there is more to chip compatibility then FSB. For instance, If the motherboard can only provide 1.6V to the chip, and the C2Ds can take 1.3-1.45V max, then you'll fry the C2D, while the P4s would be fine.

    LOL, my apologies. I meant in general, regardless of motherboard.
  16. Nope, I don't think it matters on the motherboard. I know the C2Ds take a different voltage regulater then those found on the older motherboards. The socket is the same, but the motherboard can't supply a voltage low enough to prevent the C2D based chips from frying. Anything that is C2D based uses a lower voltages then the Netburst chips.
  17. looks like your board only takes the single core netburst processors. the asus site does not indicate whether you can use dual core procs. I would suggest a p4 631 - its nice and cheap and is better than any netburst celeron out there. hopefully you can find one of the revisions that has EIST.

    I have the p4 631 on a P5PE-VM gig of no-name ram and agp asus 6200

    Beware, not all the netburst processors will have all the technologies that the wiki says they do. you have to verify the revision number at the store, go back home and check intels web site to see exactly what features the processor at the store has.

    just my 2sense
  18. Quote:
    which is better for gaming?

    for everything: a celeron 4xx core architecture.
  19. i would get the celerond 347 but i guess thats if i put the fsb to 800 then i can reach 4.6ghz. coorect me please it is originally fsb 533 and i have to oc it to fsb 800 yes?

    if thats the case well i dont think my mobo will allow me to raise the fsb.

    waiting for your reply.
  20. The other option is if your motherboard supports a Pentium D Smithfield or Pressler. Those aren't much better than a Pentium 4 for gaming, but they at least allow for upcoming titles that benefit from multithreading to run on your system, though probably at lowered settings.

    Alan Wake, for example, will need a dual core and might not even run slowly on a hyperthreading P4. I'm sure there are other upcoming titles with dual core requirements too.
  21. from the sound of things, i will just leave the computer alone
  22. Your current celeronD is really inadequate to be run from FSB 133 to FSB200 (200x4=800) because te eventual 4.5GHz will be a bit too high for a 90nm Celeron D to handle with stock cooling.
    For the moment, just check the bios if you have the options of running the FSB @ 200 MHz for a 133 MHz CPU like a CeleronD. Then try to OC what you have because it might very well make it (I have heard a lot of successful 4-4.5GHz, CeleronD overclocks and even on stock cooling). If you get to that point and the CPU is stable, only a $20 investment for a good cooler is required and your CeleronD will run cool and safe; If an Arctic Frezer 7 Pro can handle a 4.0GHz Core 2 Duo overclock, a 4.5GHz Celeron is a no brainer.
    And you don't have to worry about other hardware, like WaRsHeZ said; only the CPU is involved in this case.
  23. Quote:
    If an Arctic Frezer 7 Pro can handle a 4.0GHz Core 2 Duo overclock, a 4.5GHz Celeron is a no brainer.

    No way.
  24. Maybe not with that motherboard; I just downloaded and chacked the manual; no OC-ing options at all, not even flipping the FSB from 133 to 200, not to mention the Vcore raise required.
  25. No, I was just saying an AC Freezer 7 pro won't handle any cpu at 4Ghz or 4.5Ghz.

    I'm on the limit at 3.4Ghz with orthos hitting 70ºC at only 1.35vcore (it's summer though)
  26. I have an Asus P4P-E Deluxe, P4 HT, 3.2, 7800GS, 256MB, 2GB GEIL DDR500,
    I can play any game out there on minimum to maximum settings.
    I had a 2.6 Celeron and it was not much for gaming.
  27. Maybe I exaggerated with the 4.0GHz Core2 but a 4.5GHz CeleronD is a netburst single core with only 256K of L2. It's harder with the 90 nm, but the 65nm CeleronDs are real overclocking beasts because they're much cooler.
  28. m25, does my mobo have ocing features for this celeron d then?

    if so, were would i find the fsb in the bios (which section)?



    edit: many many bios updates, so which one do i pick? arrrrrrrrr so annoying.

    bios flash; which one?
  29. you wont go anywhere with that mobo. 200mhz or 300 at most if it has oc options
  30. Quote:
    which is better for gaming?

    single channel memory and a sis based chipset, id save up more and upgrade everything

    whats your system specs?
  31. yes, forget upgrading this computer, thank you guys, totally great!!!
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