How to format the c drive in vista

how do i completely format the c drive and reinstall a clean copy of vista
i have a virus that wont go away when i re-install
i have tried four times and the virus allways returns
i want to
and when i do get a clean copy installed it wont let me delete the windows old that is infected
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  1. Removing Vista.old>
    If you want to remove that Windows.old folder from Drive C: of your Windows Vista installation.
    Go to Start - All Programs - Accessories - System Tools - Disk Cleanup.
    In "Which files to clean up" dialog - Click on "Files from all users on this computer".
    Select the Drive where your Windows.old is.
    In Disk Cleanup dialog, select Previous Windows installation(s) in the "Files to delete" list. Click on OK.
    Or you can boot in with the Vista disk select custom install and use the Vista tools to format the drive/partition.
    Set your bios to make the optical drive the first boot device.
  2. i was lookin for the solution for the same prob, i hav installed it a couple of times bt virus doesnt go.....
    thnx jonmor, i'll tryt ur suggestion n see if it works for me........

    Make sure you have a full installation disk to reinstall with, the KillDisk free version will completely wipe the entire HDD of all data and you will not recover anything from the HDD after you run the program, the HDD will be like it was from the factory before anything was installed on it.
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