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Well for the last month or so my monitor has begin to play up on me. When I turn it on the screen works for about 10 secs or so and then goes completely black. Yet, the light on it stays green telling me it hasnt turned off or anything. I have ensured that all cables are correctly plugged in.

In the beggining I could just keep turning it on and off and eventually it would start working. This is no longer the case. I actually once spent about 10 min trying to get it to work with this method. I know its not just my computer as it had started with my old computer and has continued with my new one.

As you can imagine this problem is really annoying and I would appreciate any help. The monitor is an ACER 17 inch AL1711. Cheers for any help guys :).
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  1. I've had this happen to one of my LCD monitors, the likely cause is the internal power supply going bad.
    The trouble with most of these monitors is finding out where to get the replacement part. The ccfl's are ok it's just the the LCD panel is getting full voltage and blacking out. You can check to see if this is the case buy darkening the room and looking form lightness around the edges of the monitor.
    When this happened to me, after I got it working so that I could use it again. I turned off all power saving features to the monitor both on the monitor it self and on the computer.
    The cheapest pace I could find to send it to for repair wanted $100 to fix it. and I had to pay shipping to and from them. The monitor only cost me $150.
    So I bought a new one from Newegg.
    You should check and see if it is still under warranty, and if it is have Acer fix it.
    Also you can Google repair services and parts, if your inclined to fix it your self.
    In my case after checking into it for half a day, it was more cost effective to buy a new Monitor, I picked up a 19 inch wide screen from Samsung the SyncMaster 941 BW from Newegg. It works great.
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