How do I get drivers back after a crash?

My hard drive crashed and I'm starting over with a new HD, the only change I made is swapping those out. Now that I'm reinstalling XP and my programs I'm having issues with a driver (I believe). I haven't been able to get the machine to run sound other than the internal speaker beeping. I have a logitech Z-2300 sound system and the Logitech website does not have the driver available to download and now I'm not sure how to get it, I don't have any idea where the software CD for it might be. Can I substitute another driver for the one Logitech no longer has?

If anyone has advice I would be most appreciative. Thank you in advance!

My system is a dell Optiplex GX520, 3.20 ghz, 4GB Ram, (New) 1TB HD, running XP SP3.
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  1. Ohh... Send me a PM with your e-mail, in my company we have many GX520, i can back up the Audio driver and send to you.
  2. Saint19 thank you for the response, I ended up doing some digging after I was at a loss for where to find those drivers and I resolved my problems. Thank you very much for the help anyway!
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