802.11g Wireless Desktop Network Card F5D7000.

i lost the CD thus i cant install the driver. can someone find the driver online? i tried without success.

help please!

edit: the belkin site doesnt even work! wtf is going on
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  1. Heres the Driver for card. Pick what version of card you have from Belkin site.


    Click on the Downward Arrow to start download of Driver.

    Hope this helps you out.
  2. the site does not work!
  3. How about here?
  4. Quote:
    the site does not work!

    I tested the site Yoosty posted and it seems to work fine for me here, what problems are you having with the site?
  5. look mate, im gonna get straight the point.

    can one person in this whole world send a link for the driver.

    i cant get anywere near belkin.com

    ok i want a driver for ..............

    ............802.11g Wireless Desktop Network Card F5D7000.

    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee pleasseeeeeeeee
    im crying
  6. -Deleted, double post-
  7. What's wrong with you/ your browser/ your Internet setting :?:

    Have you tried using different browser(s) if the browser's the culprit?

    What AV/ firewall/ anti-malware did you use?

    Did you use any proxies?

    If all of the answer doesn't really related, was it that your ISP, or even your mom/dad blocking them? I can't seem to find any other logic answer(s) as to why you can't go to belkin.com, other than what I asked above. Have you tried my link???
  8. can someone download the driver and send it to my email please as an attachment?

    email: merwanashour@hotmail.com

    please make me happy.
  9. Quote:
    im shocked as much as you ok. this kind of thing rarely or never happened. all other sites work, and thus more pissed off.

    ill reboot the router from scratch and see what happens.

    can someone just send me the driver? is that so hard? please, that will seriously make my night. i been crying all day.

    Try from here > http://www.totallydrivers.com/device.php?id=44716
  10. 802.11g Wireless Desktop Network Card F5D7000.

    nope hasnt worked and im feeling feeling ill.

    ok, download the driver (not the link- physically download it) and send it to merwanashour@hotmail.com.

  12. Edited, he found the disk.
  13. Quote:

    Thats great, cause everyone was trying to help you, even with a direct download link supplied by aBg_rOnGak, so FYI their efforts to help you were legitimate.
  14. yeah, might want to send a thanks out to everyone for trying to help you. Sounds like you got some other issues going on there though.
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