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I have a compaq presario model SR2150NX. It runs very slow! 512MB memory and 120GB hard drive. If I upgrade the memory, will it run faster?
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  1. cc48127, It would help to a point upgrading your RAM
    Also, be aware, that when a hard drive becomes half or over half full the read and write times slow down too. Keep your system clean of junk files. is a very good program for this purpose. And keep your hard drive defragmented. Cheers...Garry
  2. I would remove the 512MB stick and install 2 x 1GB, you'll find it will run much smoother.
    512MB is nowhere near enough for Vista.
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    RAM upgrade is one of the most cost-effective ways of increasing the performance of a computer (within certain limits). As Jonmor says, Vista needs at least 1 GB - preferably 2. You probably notice a lot of hard drive activity currently due to swap file usage which slows things down dramatically.

    As long as you have more than 20% free disk space don't worry about that. Microsoft always used to say - and I presume they still do - that performance of an NTFS partition will not suffer until there is less than 15% free space. Defragging the drive is worth doing if you haven't done so recently.
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  5. Thank you so much. I have added 2GB and my computer runs like new!
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