CPU Heat issue

I am rebuilding my media PC and main PC and noticed some weird temperature issues using TAT.

My main pc has an E6600 and idles about 30C /31C (readings taken from TAT), same as my work E6600 Dell machine which idles about 31C/33C (TAT again).

The media centre has an E6300 which idles about 41C/44C. I would expect this to be in the high 20’s or low 30’s. I want this to be lower so the cooler fan will spin slower and make less noice.

Both machines use a Zalman CNPS9500 cooler, and the cases are large with plenty of air flow. Both use 120mm fans set to run slowly.

I have removed the cooler on the E6300 and cleaned and replaced using Shin Etsu X23-7762 paste with no noticeable effect.

I have tried under clocking the E6300’s FSB to 190MHz, and reducing the voltage as much as possible, but can not get the temperatures down in to low the 30C range.

Next I think I will swap the processors over. The E6600 is new and the E6300 is one of the first processors after they were released. I wonder if I have a old stepping of the E6300, or a fault which makes it hot. It I can not cool the E6300, I think I may use the E6600 in the media PC and get a Q6600 after the 22nd.

Am I missing something?

Media PC:

Gigabyte GA 965P-DS3, 1 GB PC5400, 2.5” hard disk, MSI 7300GS (passive cooled) with HDMI Nesteq semi-fanless PSU in Silverstone LC16 case.

Note: This plays HD movies on my 1080p LCD via HDMI with no problems.

Main PC:

Gigabyte P35C-DS3R, 2GB PC5400, 2 * 500GB Seagate 7200.10 hard disks (RAID 0), XFX 7600 GT XXX with Zalman 500W Modular PSU in Cooler Master 330 Elite case.
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  1. Have you checked temps with anything other than TAT? It's not really the most reliable program for temp monitoring. Try Coretemp on both and see if you get consistent readings then. Try looking at DTS values (Coretemp 0.95) as this is the only absolute measurement that can be taken from C2D's at this point. Some other programs also use DTS but might have a different reference point to calculate relative temps or use the thermal diode measurement which depends on software programmers interpretation/implementation of the value given of by this sensor, and this can create different programs reporting different temps from the same sensor. Read this thread for more info.


  2. Quote:
    ... MSI 7300GS (passive cooled) with HDMI Nesteq semi-fanless PSU in Silverstone LC16 case.

    Internal heat generation + few/no fans = higher temp inside case -> higher CPU temp

    To see if this is the issue, measure your temp inside the case near the CPU fan.
  3. FYI. I swapped over the E6600 and E6300 processors, and now the Media PC with the E6600 runs about 31C/33C which is about 10C less than the E6300. It is cooler when running in the Main PC, but this has better cooling and no passive components.

    At this point in time, I can watch a HD 1080p movie and the Zalman fan makes very little noise, my Sky HD box makes more noise than the media PC now. Before the E6300 was heating up causing the Zalman fan to spin faster and make a loud noise which I could hear over the movie, no more with the E6600. Strange....
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