Asus StrikerExtreme & Patriot DDR2 800 (please help)

Since installing my new RAM I get random restarts (disabled auto restart to try and figure out what was happening at bluescreen but it just freezes whatever I'm doing)

I even went as far as reformatting and it still happens, I bought two 2GB kits(2x1GB), so I thought maybe that it was Windows XP not accepting 4GB, so I took out one stick and it did it again, so I took out another stick and am now running at 2GB (bought two kits because I was planning on changing to 64bit Windows for some reason, but changed my mind)

E6600 C2D @ 2.4GHz/core
Asus StrikerExtreme with 3/28/07 BIOS
WD Raptor X 150GB*2
Patriot eXtreme Performance 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)
NVIDIA 7950GT (8800GTX ordered yesterday, trying to stabilize PC before I get it)

I did check the memory voltage and it was by default only giving 1.8V to memory when the RAM I bought says 2.2V, so I went in and changed that thinking it was the problem, but it wasn't. This is my first PC build and I haven't had any problems that I wasn't able to solve myself, but this has me wanting to go and get GeekSquad to tell me whats wrong, please help.

edit: I'm not sure how hot the RAM is supposed to be since it has a heatsink on it, but it was very hot when I removed the 4th and 3rd stick, if that is relevant.
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  1. I had a similar problem with my Striker...

    Try updating the bios to version 1102.
  2. Thats the version I have :( I just reinstalled my old AENEON RAM (all 4 sticks), going to see if it crashes now, if so then I don't know what to do, any other suggestions?
  3. Some of the ASUS boards have problems with specific brands or types of ram. You might try changing the BIOS setting so that "USB Legacy devices" is disabled and then see if it still crashes. After that, make sure your ram is among the list of ASUS supported ram. If it isn't, a conflict may be happening that crashes out the machine.
  4. What model number power supply are you using? You're running very high-power hardware, so a non-premium power supply might be the cause of your problems.
    Also, don't forget to run memtest86+ before running/installing Windows; if memtest86+ shows errors, your Windows install can become corrupted, leading to later problems even if you get your hardware sorted out.
  5. With AENEON RAM (all four sticks) it works fine (bad timings, and low mhz, but works)..I left a high intensity game running for several hours with no crash, whereas I left it running for 15 minutes with the Patriot RAM and it crashed, not definite proof but I do think I'll be returning this RAM, anyone know offhand the link to the QVL for StrikerExtreme? I've read about people going through hell with RAM on various hardware forums and NewEgg reviews. is the power supply I have(no problems, just the turbo fan is a bit louder than I expected), I just reformatted this morning to "rule out" software for the crashes, been running nearly 7 hours with no crashes since I reinstalled my AENEON RAM..I guess StrikerExtreme doesn't like Patriot or something :/ Requesting RMA for it as we speak :(

    I also get a flashing cursor at the upper left of my screen during boot since I reinstalled AENEON RAM, no discs in drives, going to check BIOS and make sure that HD is still first in boot order, any suggestions? :cry:
  6. Patriot is not typically an Asus approved vendor - at least I've never seen them on the lists

    Striker Extreme Page - Click QVL Download on left l1=3&l2=11&l3=397&l4=0&m odel=1439&modelmenu=1


    Strik er Extreme QVL oducts/1439/1439_10.pdf

    **Edit - OK for some reason on these new forums there are spaces being stuck into the links and I can't edit them out - you'll hav eto cut/paste and manually delete the spaces ... sorry! :(
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