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My Norton 360 antivirus subscription is expiring in a few days and I want to replace it with Kaspersky 2010 which I think is better. Can I do this without removing Norton 2010? If not, is it possible to reinstall Norton 360 WITHOUT the antivirus component. (I like the computer maintenance - old Norton - components.)
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  1. I think it's all or nothing, in any case you may need the removal tool from Symentec to remove Norton 360.
    If you decide to remove it, download the tools here>
  2. I was able to remove Norton 360 using Norton's removal tool. Had to run it twice as Kaspersky 2010 still detected Norton Antivirus even though it wasn't on the programs listing. So, I ran it again removing the 360 "traces" (quite a few). After that, Kaspersky installed easily. I'll try installing Norton 360 and find out if it is possible with another anti-virus program in place. Probably not, but I can try. I assume there is still a plain SystemsWork made by them. Or if anyone can suggest something as good (and cheaper) please do.
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