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My pc keeps freezing/not responding for a min on every program. Even in Safe Mode. I've replaced CPU, Memory, ReInstalled Windows 7. Tried Windows Essential VP scans uninstalled bought Nortons 360 tried it, didn't help. Have New ASUS motherboard with AM3 processor(3.1) and ddr3 memory(4gb). I've checked all drivers says up to date. I've done the fsc scan didn't help. Any advice?
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    I just noticed no-one was responding to any of your three posts either. :D

    Bring up the Task Manager when you start the system by pressing Control, Shift and Escape together so you have it avalable when the stall happens. Double click the heading of the CPU column to bring the high user to the top of the list and see what's using the biggest percentage of CPU resources.

    Post back the names of the culprit.
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