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Hello I have a Acer Aspire AM5640-E5520A Intel Pentium 2 QUAD, 2.4GHz with a MCP73PV motherboard and SATA hard drive and cd/dvd. When I try to install Vista, from a purchased DVD, I get a dialog box that says “"a required cd/dvd drive device driver is missing. If you have a driver floppy disk,cd,dvd or usb drive please insert it now." I don’t know what type of CD?DVD is in the computer. I have tried to look at the Device but it’s hard to get to and I don’t want to force anything. Is it asking for the driver of the cd/dvd or the hard drive?
The computer is new without any OS on it at all.
Thank you in advance
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  1. Have you checked in bios to make sure that the optical drive is set as first boot device? otherwise it won't boot. (I didn't know you could buy Acer pc's without an OS)
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