How to tell if AMD Cool N Quiet is working?

Im just curious about how you can tell if cool n quiet is working correctly. I built a system for my parents a while back and its using an AMD Athlon64 3800+ on an MSI K8N Neo4 mobo. I have all the cpu settings on auto and cool n quiet is enabled. I also installed the cool n quiet drivers. But when I check the clock speed using CPUZ it doesnt seem to reduce the clock speed even when the computers been idle for almost an hour. Am I doing something wrong?
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  1. Just get cpu-z and run it you will see the cpu speed and voltage go down to 800-1000mhz not sure where the voltage will go. buts its low. Place a load on it to see the cpu speed up(only as much as it has to).

  2. Never mind I figured it out. I forgot that you have to go into the Power options in control panel and set it to minimal. Thanks
  3. Although AMD's Cool and Quiet standard settings work pretty well, I would recommend using RMClock. It basically lets you tweak all the parts of it, as well as monitor Multiplier, Frequency, Heat, CPU and OS Load. It also allows you to set the CPU to the lowest Power State (usually 1000mHz at 1.1v), or the highest Power state, or to CnQ pretty quickly. (Google, RMClock)
  4. the settings in rmclock are really advanced i cant understand them
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