Windows installer doesnt recognize hard drive.

Im trying to do a clean install of Vista Ultimate. When i load the installer it doesnt recognize my harddrive, although the bios sees it and Seatools from seagate as well. I have formatted it through the dos command off the cd. Any ideas why the installer dosnt see it?
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  1. You might try booting to the Vista installation DVD and let Vista format the drive.
  2. May have to load the driver via F6 and a USB key.
  3. Vista has been known to not recognize SATA hard drives. It happened to me so I booted to an XP installation disk and that disk found the hard drive. I formatted it with XP and installed Vista no problem. It was a new, never used SATA HD.
  4. Check bios setting for pata compatability mode and set it to that, save settings and try again.
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