How can I fix a disc read error has occurred message

I keep getting the same message over and over it says press ctrl+alt+ delete to restart and when I do nothing happens. I have a Dell Inspirion 1545 Laptop. Please help me...
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  1. Press the restart button, or shut down and restart, when prompted to make a choice after restart, choose normal and hopefully it will sort itself.
  2. In this matter I have no choice except F1 and F12 there is no other choice to start normally or in safe mode etc...
  3. Well I took it into the shop and they thought it was the hard drive but he swiched out the drive with several drives and windows does load but then it does nothing. He said he even put in different memory sticks etc etc,, He told me he has no idea what is wrong with it!!! He suggested me to pay 65.00 a hour for the other tech to start tearing it apart to check the insides and see what it was. I only paid $500.00 for this laptop. I just dont know what to do...
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