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Ok I think a family member has been logging onto my PC without my permission. I have put password access into my PC but I think they have somehow gotten around it. So I changed my password BUT is there any software that can tell me what date and time someone logged onto my system??? If not is there any way I can make my system hack proof???
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  1. worrying about your porn collection ha? :lol:

    xp passwords are easy to hack, well i won't go into details but you can install pc monitors (google for those!!!) that will log everything that is going on in your absence, including files viewed etc etc.
  2. Wake up... I think you missed your mark, this is the Vista General Discussion forum, the XP General Discussion forum is about 5 or 6 after this one.

    Maybe they will move it for you... [edit] or Assman will give you a good answer!

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  5. Have you tried looking at the system event messages (Control pannel -> Administrative Tools -> Event Viewer), it won't tell you who or how but could tell you if/when the PC was accessed.

    Also MS have a free (basic) security assesment tools called "Baseline Security Analyzer" available for download:
    It can identify (and advise) most of the common security problems.
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