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My harddrive crashed recently so i went and bought a new one today, but i dont know how to install windows vista on it because when i bought it it didnt come with a vista cd, i was wondering if i can use another computer that had vista and somehow copy the files onto a cd.
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  1. No. Thats why it's called an 'installation' DVD. If talking about a prebuilt computer, maybe checlk with the Mfg. about purchasing a System disk containg the Vista OS. Otherwise buying an installation disk would be required to install Vista.
  2. so what would i have to do to install vista on a brand new harddrive?
  3. I explained what you need to do in the earlier post. You certainly can not use another computer with Vista installed on it and copy it somehow. Here is Microsoft's instructions.
  4. These are your options as I outlined in my earlier post.

    Option 1: Contact the company who built your computer and ask if a recovery/installation disk is available.

    Option 2: Buy a Vista installation disk from a store like Newegg, Best Buy or similar.
  5. My laptop has product key under it. This sucks!
  6. And thanks for your help, I appreciate it.
  7. Contact the support desk of the laptop manufacturer. Ask if a system disk is available for purchase. With that disk, you should be able to use the product key on the unit.
  8. Unfortunatly pc makers these days make savings by not supplying restore disks and instead create a restore partition on the hard drive.
    They will prompt you to make a set of recovery disks, however many choose to ignore this at their peril and then have to purchase them from the maker.
    A couple of months ago a friend purchased a new Acer desktop, which kept prompting him to create a set of recovery disks, untill I went and made them for him, otherwise it still wouldn't have been done. That's fairly typical of a lot of users.
    I can't see why they don't offer to supply them at time of purchase for a modest fee, I think most would pay the extra if the salesperson explained the benefits, but that's another story, you have to find one that cares.
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