Hard drives won't apear after sleep

Long story short, I just recently reinstalled Vista x64 and formatted my C drive. I built my system about 16 months ago with 2 hard drives, I added two more 2 TB drives about 3 months ago. I now have a WD 640 GB drive which I bought when I built my computer, a 500 GB seagate drive that I bought about 2 years ago and transferred it to the new system and two 2 TB Samsung drives. All drives are internal and are assigned letters.

I have always been able to hit the sleep button (with the crescent moon icon) on my keyboard and it would put it into sleep mode. I would have to hit the power switch to get out of sleep mode because the keyboard wouldn't take it out. Everything worked fine.

After formatting and reinstalling this week, after I come out of sleep mode both of my 2 TB drives disappear and can't be accessed. Even under disk management. When I restart my computer they reappear. I have checked the connections and they seem fine. I have also changed the power settings so that my hard drives don't turn off. I can't understand why two of the drives would disappear but the other two would remain.

Can somebody please help me with this because it is very frustrating.
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  1. Check your ATA drivers (in Win 7 64 device manager under HDDs). If it's the Microsoft drivers showing for your hard drives, go to your motherboard manufacturer's/computer manufacturers site and download the drivers for your chipset.

    I had the same problem and tried installing the ASUS P6T chipset drivers and my problem has now resolved. I can resume from sleep with all HDDs present.
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